February 2, 2009

Wow, Life has been busy...

Well, actually there really isn't anything too interesting going on in my life except for work and family. But work has been keeping me very busy. The next few months are going to be pretty crazy at work and I am just trying to keep up with all. As you might remember, I started a new position in November and working in two departments through the end of June (well, actually until I go on maternity leave). It is a lot of work working two positions that should really be 2 full-time positions (Right now I am splitting my time between the two so it is supposed to be two half-time positions). I am surviving, just barely.

What is most difficult, is that I want to excel in both positions. Since I will be leaving my old position at the end of the fiscal year, I want to leave on a positive note. Especially, since I will still continue to interact and collaborate with this boss on campus. My boss has been so supportive of me and I want to continue to provide her with quality work during this transition time.

With my new position, I still feel like I have to prove myself. Sometimes, I feel like I have to prove myself a little more in my newer position simply because I am pregnant and informed them of my pregnancy just after starting this new position. I realize that they should not look at my performance differently, but I worry that I am scrutinized a little differently. My newer boss is a man and I have never had a male boss until now. He is also a father; he is very supportive of me and he is a family-friendly boss. Yet, never having a male boss, I worry that I must work a little harder to show him that he did not make a bad decision in hiring me.

I also don't want to appear like I am slacking off on either job because I will be going on maternity leave and I want my newer boss to feel confident that I will return (because I will). So trying to balance these two positions is a challenge and taking up a lot of my time. Then add a personal life and family to all that and that is enough to keep anyone busy. I do count myself very fortunate that in this time of economic crisis that I have a job and it is a job(s) that I enjoy. I am not complaining, I am just a little tired. I guess the pregnancy may also contribute to that exhaustion a little.

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