February 23, 2009

I knew Octo-mom

I was looking in Star Magazine (I know not the most intellectual magazine out there but it is one of my guilty pleasures) and it showed pictures of the Octo-mom from when she was in Jr. high school. She went to my Jr. high school and high school for a little while. I knew her!! She went by a different name then for some reason, but I definitely remembered her. I did not know her well, but she was in my class and I do remember her being a little different and quiet. I believe that she was in the band and that she played the flute, but I might be wrong about that. It was over 20 year ago.

From our 7th grade yearbook:

From freshman high school yearbook:

What a small world. I definitely have opinions about her actions and I really feel for her children. I think that she was very selfish in the decision she made to have additional children, when she could barely take care of the 6 children she already had. It is one thing to have children when you do not have the financial means for whatever reason. But it is another thing to get artificially inseminated (with 8 embryos no less!) when you are barely able to fully support the children you already have.

I just think of these children and the kind of life that they are going to have. These children had no choice in the matter and their lives will not be easy, at least not at this time. I think of all the women who want to desperately have 1 child and for whatever reason are unable to do so. I think how irresponsible this doctor was to do this. I don't know the whole story or what her thought process was like and I haven't followed this story to much. But, it just seems that she wasn't really thinking of her older children or the babies that she had, she was more interested in what she wanted and herself. It just seems like a sad situation.


  1. I totally agree with you about octo-mom and that she 's only doing this for the money. I truly believe that she watched way too many episodes of "John and Kate plus 8" and wanted that lifestyle and $$$.
    Shame on her and those poor babies. I hope they will be well taken care of.

  2. I heard mention of donations and book deals and reality shows, ugh. If nothing else, these sweet little children will not go hungry. How sad to have that potentially be the only upside to your childhood is that you will always have food. (clothes, toys, money, etc.) I don't know how any one person could give that many children personal attention. Ugh, I have to stop now, I get mad just thinking about the emotional neglect that is sure to come.

  3. I always get sad when I see pics of people like this when they were younger. I wonder how things could have been different if someone had helped this little girl back then. Gives a more human perspective I guess. I clearly don't agree with teh situation, but I hope her children get the help she never did.