January 14, 2009

Resolution Observations: Part II

Today I heard about this:

Well, I am not sure if this is the best way to reward your workout routine and fitness resolutions, it kind of defeats the purpose. On the other hand, this pregnant woman wants some ice cream!!!!

I had wrote last week about resolution observations and the crowds at the gym. Although I was not thrilled with the crowds, I was happy that people were making it a point to be fit and I hoped that people stuck with it. Well, it seems that attendance at the gym has gotten back to normal. The New Year's resolution crowd has already dissipated. That is actually kind of sad.

Is it really possible that people's fitness resolutions only lasted a week? I hope not. I am hoping that due to the economy that people may not be going to the gym but are trying to keep up their fitness resolutions by working out at home or outdoors. The weather in Southern California has been really nice (in the 80's all week), so it is possible people are simply taking advantage of the nice weather we are blessed with in So Cal and keeping up with their fitness resolutions by taking their workouts outdoors. I did so yesterday so I hope others are too. Don't give up on your fitness goals!!

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