January 24, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to Sher's Corner!!

Wow, it is hard to believe that one year ago I started this blog. I have really enjoyed being a "blogger." I have enjoyed it so much that I began 2 other blogs. My food blog, Rumbly Tumbly Treats, was simply a way for me to organized new (and old) recipes that I have the chance to try and to share my gourmet club fun. My baby blog, Adventures with Baby Bear, is newer and was started for obvious reasons. I wanted a place to talk about this new journey in my life but was not yet ready to share with others, so the baby blog was kept private until Mr. Bear and I were ready to go public. The baby blog will focus on my journey into motherhood and my adventures with Baby Bear.

So my other two blogs have very specific purposes. What is the purpose of Sher's Corner? I began this blog as a thoughtful spot to write about silly stuff and fluff. Issues that I thought were important and things that were just nonsense. It continues to be my thoughtful spot. And as I delve into my new role as mother in about 4-5 months, I realize that this thoughtful spot will become even more important to me. I believe that life is about balance; it is about balanced health and well-being. I continually strive to find balance in my life. I will become a mother but I also continue to be an individual, a wife, an employee, a friend, a daughter, a woman, etc. Although I look forward to my new role as a mother, I realize that with this new role lies a new challenge of finding balance to allow myself to continue to be everything that I am including "mom." So the purpose of this blog remains the same: To be a thoughtful spot. I have enjoyed sharing my silly stuff and fluff over the last year and I look forward to sharing new silly stuff and fluff in the year to come.


  1. I love Sher's corner! Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Yay! Happy Blogiversary to you! :D