January 19, 2009

All men and women are made equal

Today, we celebrate and remember Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. He led the way to a nonviolent civil rights movement. As a woman of color, I am thankful for the path he laid for me years before I was even conceived. It is because of him, that I am able to do anything that I put my mind to.

What a wonderful time to be celebrating this wonderful man. Tomorrow is the inauguration of our first Black president. An amazing and historic event. We have definitely come a long way. While I do believe that we have come a long way, I also believe that there is still more to be done. It is unfortunate but discrimination still exists. However, knowing that a man like MLK could make a difference I know that there is hope and there will be change to come. Many people are not apt to change, but change is inevitable it is up to people to make sure that the change that comes is a change in the positive direction.

I have experienced challenges and discrimination being an Asian-American woman. I am pretty fortunate that I have had many opportunities. Sometimes it appears that I am oblivious to the discrimination that I face (I have had friends who have been offended by other's actions toward me that have been discriminatory). It is not that I am oblivious; it is that I usually ignore and brush it off to ignorance. That is my way.

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