January 25, 2008

A Monster in the Closet!

I am my cat’s human. Yes, my 24 lb monster of a cat thinks that it is his world and that we are merely players. My cat’s name is Chase, we affectionately call him “monster” for his large size (did I say he was fat!!!). Everyone who meets him is always a little shocked when they see him. “What’s that?” “That’s not a cat!” Oh but he is and he is the best ever!

Despite his bigness, he is a very sweet cat. But it is definitely his world and we are just fortunate that he allows us to live in it. According to my husband, Chase is just working towards getting bigger so he can eventually eat us all!! That is why he loves to lick my head every morning (seriously he is a cat not a dog!). Introducing the majestic, the large and in charge….

Chase Monster!

Isn’t he beautiful and great? His favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and eat some more. Some locations around the house where you will find him (usually sleeping unless I wake him up, as my camera flash has been known to do):

On the couch sleeping,

on the computer chair sleeping,

on the bed sleeping (with Pooh Bear)

oh and of course at the food bowl eating!

If you don't find him in one of the above visible places, then there is probably a Monster in the Closet, sleeping! Life is hard being a fat cat!

Okay, some people might think I am an awful mommy for letting my cat get so big. I am not an abusive mommy, I do worry about my kitty’s health. I had him tested for all possible problems that being overweight may have on a cat and he is – aside from being fat – healthy according to the tests and according to the vet. I have tried everything to help him lose weight (he was 26 lbs at one time), weight management cat food, portioning and restricting his food, I have even chased him around the house to give him exercise! But the darn cat is too smart, he will run (it’s really more like a waddle) to a space where I can’t get to him (usually under a coffee table). My vet did tell me, maybe he is happy being fat. So there we go and so be it. Chase is happy being fat!


  1. OMG, I love your Chase Monster!! :) I really just exist in my cat's world too. I'm lucky she likes us.

  2. He's sooo cute!!! My parents have a baby that size, I wonder if they're the same breed. Monster is my puppy's nickname. :)