May 20, 2013

{Fitness Corner} Crossfit So Cal Regionals 2013

So on Sunday, we headed down to Del Mar, CA for the Southern California Crossfit Regionals. It was an intense experience and quite inspiring.


My trainer, Jeremy Kinnick, competed as an individual and was 9th! He is pretty amazing. That was an accomplishment and though he was not invited to compete in the Crossfit Games (The top 3 move on to the Games and he has competed in the Games 5 times), he was a great inspiration and was very classy staying through the end to cheer on others during the awards ceremony. He did not give up and when he finished he went on to cheer other on.


Our gym also had a team, Team Kinnick, compete as well. The top 3 move on to the Crossfit Games and out team placed 5th!. It was so amazing to watch them compete. One of my other trainers was on that team as well. It was fun to cheer them on and see them do an amazing job.


It was pretty amazing to watch these trainers compete. I worked them each week to make myself better and they are doing it each and every day and they do it well. They work hard and they are great roll models at how them treat other teams and individuals that they compete with. One thing that I really like about Crossfit is the community. Everyone cheers everyone on first or last.

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