January 15, 2013

Project Organize

Okay, so my big goal for 2013 is to de-clutter and organize! I am calling it Project Organize. So what is the game plan. No real game plan yet. I figured the first step was to go around the house and make a list of everything that I would like to organize and de-clutter. I went through pinterest for ideas and pinned what I thought would be effective for our house. But having them pinned is not enough, having it written down somewhere will help me to start to check things off. So my to do list so far (I am sure that there will be items added to this list over time, but it is a start).

  • Organize with clear baskets and label basket accordingly
  • Label Shelves: Shelf 1 - Baking; Shelf 2- boxed goods and other cooking items; Shelf 3- bread and crackers, nuts, chips; Shelf 4 - Jordyn's snacks, cereals; Bottom shelf- protein powder, other baking supplies
  • Organize top cabinet above pantry cabinet: Add shelves and separate out paper goods and plastic utensil from appliances like rice cooker

  • Spice cabinet: buy a lazy susan to easily get to spices
  • White cabinet: find a good way to organize platters
  • Bakeware cabinet: find a good way to organize bakeware
  • Tupperware cabinet: get rid of unused Tupperware and organize

  • Organize craft/wrapping area - label drawers
  • Use pink and green bins and organize for holiday decor (Valentines, Easter/spring, Summer, Fall/Halloween) with labels 
  • Consolidate stuff and remove

Hall closet
  • Add Extra shelf
  • Add hooks on wall for purses

Entry way
  • Bookshelf with 4 baskets with labels (Jordyn's shoes, Dylan's shoes, Sher's shoes, blankets)

  • Above closet storage: pretty up with large wicker baskets?
  • Buy pretty hamper
  • Organize jewelry
  • Sort through clothes and give away clothes to Goodwill

Living room
  • Get DVD organizer in dresser

So that is the list so far. Many of these things are little things that can be done very quickly. Some of it requires a little more time and effort. Some of them requires me making a decision on how I want things to look. I have a lot of ideas, but with so many ideas and choices and little money it is often hard to just go with something. But now that is out in cyberspace, maybe I will actually get some things done in this year. It is a start.

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