January 27, 2013

{Project Organize} A Rainy Weekend

I got a lot done on a rainy weekend...

I am almost complete with organizing the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen was not in bad shape at all, it just needed to be cleaned up a little. Each drawer didn't take so long at all. I still want to buy some organizers for our junk drawer, but it is cleaned up, the organizer bins would pretty it up a bit and help keep it organized. So that is on my list. Not a priority but something to do at some point. There is always more that can be done but not necessary.

I still need to work on my spice/cooking cabinet. I need to find a good way to organize my spices so I can find things. Just the other day as I was cooking, I realized that I had 2 bottles of cumin. I probably couldn't find cumin one day and went and bought another bottle. So it needs helps. I need to determine what is best. I have seen many different ideas on pinterest, but I am not sure which one will best meet my needs and my space. So I will be back to that one. My challenge with organizing is deciding exactly how I want things to be.

I went through my files and recycled a lot of paper! I got rid of paper and files that I no longer needed and got all my files ready for 2013. So my 2012 files are organized and ready for our tax appointment next month. That was a priority and I am glad that I got that done.

I organized my office supply drawer. I bought an organizer for the that drawer and it made a world of difference.

I put together a binder for all our user manuals. I found a lot of great ideas on pinterest and took one on. Check this link out. I just have to print out a cover sheet and find a good place for it.

I got a lot done over the week. It helps to have a rainy weekend to get things done. I feel like I've made a lot of progress. As I keep going through different areas of the house, I am purging as well, so I feel good about sticking to this goal.

My next goals in Project Organize is to organize my recipes. I bought some binders and supplies, so I will be working on this one next. I've started and I wished that I had a before picture, but I will make sure to get an after photo when I am done.

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