November 11, 2012

{Fitness Corner} Whole Life Challenge Complete!

So I finished the 8 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge.

The results:

I lost 1.5 inches off of my waist and 1 inch off of my hips.
My arms and thighs are the same (but I think they are more defined and that I have gained muscle).
I lost 5 lbs. (I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Finally got rid of those last stubborn 5 lbs.)
Plus, I am stronger and can do 1 pull-up unassisted by bands. Amazing!!!
I went down a size in pants. All my pants are hanging off of me (even a few pairs of pre-pregnancy pants fit me loosely than they used to. I didn't have any problem finding an excuse to buy some new clothes, LOL.)

I am very happy with my results. I feel stronger.I am very proud of this accomplishment of getting through the challenge. I wasn't perfect and I had to lose points because I forgot to record my point one day, I traveled to NYC and Denver for business trips. Although I have to say that I was pretty good while traveling. I was selective of the times that I would stray from the nutrition and I made it a point to move everyday. In Denver, I was actually very good even though I had to eat out the whole time. I would ask for substitutions and made very good choices.

So now the question is do I keep this up...

Well, the last weekly challenge was to make 3 goals to complete. So my goals were:

1. Do 5 unassisted pull ups by June 2013
2. Cook 3 paleo meals a week by the end of December
3. Workout and mobilization for 10 minutes for 6 days a week by end of December

I am definitely keeping up with the workout and mobilization. I love doing crossfit, I feel strong and amazing doing it. So there is no question about that. The fact that I can do 1 unassisted pull-up is amazing to me. I know that I can get to that 5. By next June that will be 1 year of crossfit. So I know if I keep it up, I can do. Also, I love stretching and yoga, I've been practicing yoga for almost 10 years so why would I stop now. 7 days a week was a challenge, but with the requirement of only 10 minutes for a workout and 10 minutes for mobilization, it became totally doable. So why not continue!

Taking fish oil every day is no big deal. I do it anyways.

The nutrition part of the challenge was the most difficult part for me. I never diet and I have never been any good at sticking to something or depriving myself. I love to eat. But I liked that I was eating healthy and I think that I will try to stick to the paleo-like diet with the occasional exceptions. I don't miss the dairy too much. I thought I would want cheese all the time, and at first I did but I can also live without it and do not need it everyday like I used to eat it. It used to be an everyday snack for me. I loved to just have cheese and crackers or cheese and nuts. I think there was a time when I would live off of cheese sandwiches. I think to have it on occasion will be fine, just not on a daily basis.The grains are a little harder, but I did it for 8 weeks and I am okay without it. I know from time to time I will want some cake or bread. In fact, one of my biggest cravings is pizza (bread and cheese!). I had a slice of NY pizza when I was in NYC. But it better be a really good pizza for me to have it. a frozen pizza or a pizza from Pizza Hut is not worth it for me. So I plan to stick with it and allow myself some exceptions for special occasions like the holidays.

So, I made it and I am better for having done the whole life challenge. I am glad that I did and I hope that I can continue to make my fitness and health a priority. I love feeling stronger and healthier. I feel great and I feel in control, it really is awesome. It was a lifestyle change and I think that I can stick with it even without the challenge and accountability. At least, I hope that I can. I realize that the freedom from the challenge this first few days will allow me to give in a few times, but I trust that I will get back on track. I know that I actually crave fruit now instead of candy. I also, know that something has to be really worth it for me to eat it. So that piece of candy better be really good to be worth it. I think that is the key, to be mindful and determine if straying from healthy eating is really worth it. There will be times when it is, but as long as I come back to it I will be fine.

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