September 6, 2012

{Fitness Corner} Whole Life Challenge

I know that nutrition is the only way I am going to lose that extra 5 lbs. of baby weight. I've always known that it is about nutrition. Even my CrossFit trainers tell me that I can do all the WODs, but without the nutrition I won't see the best results. I'll get results but nutrition will get me much farther along.

Our crossfit gym is participating in the Whole Life Challenge. It is an 8 week online challenge beginning on September 15, that focuses not only on nutrition, but the a life style change including working out and mobility. I've decided that this is the challenge I need to make the changes I want in nutrition. This challenge will keep me accountable. The diet part will be the hardest part of the challenge and constitutes the majority of the challenge. There are points that can be earned each day and the most points are for the nutrition portion. The diet that the challenge follows is a Paleo-like diet, which means no grains, no corn or soy, no dairy, no alcohol, soda, or juice, and no artificial or processed foods. For me the hardest things will be the grains and dairy. I have been trying to limit my bread intake, but with this challenge I will have to totally eliminate it. That also means no rice for this Asian girl. I have stopped drinking milk, so that is fine, but greek yogurt and cottage cheese have been a big part of my diet. I guess eliminating cheese is a good thing since I love cheese so much and it can be a weakness. It is not a strict Paleo diet, but it is Paleo-like.

I am doing this to become more fit. I made the decision to make fitness a priority again and this will help me get back on track. Diet and nutrition have always been my largest struggle. I love to workout and be active but I also love to eat. So I have never been one to diet or stay on one. So I am hoping that I cam make a habit of eating right and making healthy choices. I think the whole life challenge will be the push I need to stick to it and improve my nutrition.

I hope to get stronger, I hope to lose some weight, I hope to feel better about myself and my body, and I hope to improve my nutrition and diet overall.

We'll see how it goes...

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