March 1, 2011

{Photo Corner} Week 8: Celebrating 36

Yesterday was my birthday. We didn't do much this year to celebrate, just laid low. Papa Bear had class in the evening and I ended up having to work. I usually try to take the day off for my birthday but I was just too busy at work. Besides we are going to New York in 17 days for work and play, so I figured I would take the time off then and Papa Bear and I can celebrate both our birthdays in New York since his birthday is towards the end of March.

Papa Bear watched Baby Bear yesterday and brought her to work to meet me for lunch. It is always nice to see my Baby Bear. I received some really nice messages from friends on facebook and cards from my lola and BFF. It was a mellow and beautiful day.

Papa Bear got me a new lens for my camera, the nifty fifty. I can't wait for it to come and to try it out. From what I hear it is worlds better than the kit lens that I have been using.

I got some gorgeous flowers from my mother-in-law. And here are those beautiful flowers...



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