December 8, 2010

Our Kitchen: More progress

Lots of progress is being made very quickly. We are planning to host our annual Christmas party with a group of close friends. The evite went out on December 1st, so there is no turning back now. We are committed. We have been slated to host for years, but have put it off since we didn't have the space. This year we said we would be ready to host and Papa Bear is working very hard to get us there. These photos were taken last month and much more progress has been made since then. Here are a few photos of the kitchen.

The hardwood floors are in.

The glass tile backsplash was installed. It looks kind of green in the photo, but it is actually more of beige color in real life.

Since this picture was taken the dishwasher has been installed in that hole.

We are getting closer and closer every day.

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