March 3, 2009

My B-day gift: Aiptek 720p HD camcorder

For a little while, Mr. Bear and I had been talking about getting a small little video camera for when the baby arrives. I had been talking with my friend who has extensive knowledge about these things (he has worked for Warner Bros, Disney, and Dreamworks) and he recommended an Aiptek High Definition camcorder.

He has an older model and uses this more than his professional grade equipment since it is so portable. I had played around with his in the past and it was so easy to use. I really love how small it is. I have heard so much about the Flip Video and was looking into those as well. But the Aiptek not only has 1 GB of memory storage, but also takes a SD flash card as well for more memory. Whereas the Flip only has the built-in memory, so you would have to download videos right away in order to take other videos after you use your memory up. I like that I can stick the SD Flash card in my card reader and not have the need to install any other program like you would for the Flip. The Aiptek also takes still photos (up to 8 megapixels), not really a necessary feature for me but the Flip does not take still photos so that is an added bonus for the Aiptek. The Flip has some great reviews but I really liked the versatility of the Aiptek, plus the recommendation from someone I trust who really knows his video equipment helped.

For my birthday, Mr. Bear went out and got me one!! He got me the Aiptek 720P. It is a high definition camcorder that fits in your hand. Best of all, it doesn't break the bank. It also takes still 8 megapixel photos as well as video and has a digital zoom (not the greatest, but fine for me and our purposes).

So far I love it. It will definitely come in handy for when Baby Bear arrives. I can stick it in my diaper bag and capture those first moments. Plus, it also has a decent camera so I won't miss those "Kodak" moments as well and I won't have to carry around a camera and a camcorder. In my first few uses, it has been really easy to use. I have yet to download the videos to my computer, but then again I haven't really captured anything substantial quite yet. Mostly, just random things in testing it out. I am quite pleased and looking forward to capturing some great family moments. I can't wait to capture some great Baby Bear moments with this new little toy. Thank you Mr. Bear, you are awesome and so thoughtful!!

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  1. Awesome gift!

    Happy belated birtday to you too :)