March 2, 2012

My birthday!

My birthday was a couple days ago. It was a busy month, with getting sick and then Baby Bear getting really sick. Then just last weekend was the conference that I had been planning for the last year as one of the co-organizers. So I was literally exhausted when the end of February came around. Well my birthday just happens to be the end of February. Usually it is the last day of the month on February 28th, but this year is a leap year. I figure that my birthday doesn't end until it is March 1, so on leap year I get to celebrate for TWO days! There is a story behind that: One year my mom called me a day late to wish me a happy birthday and it was a leap year, so she told me that she wasn't late, I get to celebrate for an extra day. So I have just always gone with it.

Because I was so tired and in need of some me time, I took the two days off and pampered myself with a massage and facial. It was awesome! I had a very relaxing birthday and it was a great way to celebrate the completion of the hard work I had put in on the conference. I am surely glad that the conference came before my birthday; otherwise I would have had to work through my birthday. It was a great day or two :)

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